What is the launcher - lets understand the concept

What is the launcher - let's understand the concept

Many users of personal computersThe question interests: what is the launcher? As it turns out, most do not know the main purpose of this software. Nevertheless, this knowledge will not be superfluous and can be useful in the future.

general information

what is launcher

First you need to decide what is the launcherand for what it is needed, and then consider specific examples. So, this is a kind of link that is most often used in online games. In simple words - launcher allows you to determine whether the latest version of the program is installed, if not, then automatic updating is in progress. It should be noted that without a launcher you simply can not play.

You can also say that this is a dispatcher program,which checks the integrity of the files. If any kind of discrepancy has been found, then you will find out about it. In addition, the launcher allows you to more conveniently set up a game account, as well as to pay for a particular service in the game. But this is not all that this program allows. We'll talk about the rest a little later.

What is a launcher in Meincraft?

what is the launcher skyrim

If you play this game, then the question is quitenatural. This is a software interface that allows you to easily launch the application. With the help of launcher you can enter your own account and customize it at will. This program is responsible for downloading the most important files (game resources). Still need to know that the launcher allows you to run the game only to those users who have a licensed account, in other words - it's copyright protection.

The main objective of the program is not only tochecking the integrity of game files, but also in checking the location of the game directory and determining the authenticity of the user's gaming account. This is done using a special file in the folder with the game, in which the login of the previous session is recorded. It is checked against the one that is directly on the server, and if everything matches - the game starts, if not, you need to confirm your entry. For example, you can send a special code to an email.

what is launcher in maynkraft

What is the launcher in Skyrim?

On the planet, many fans of the game underthe name Skyrim. As you already managed to understand, there is a launcher. It performs a huge number of functions, the main of which - checking the compliance of all files located in the folder with the game. A distinctive feature is that it is possible to turn the modes on and off. That is, you can activate any necessary add-on, which you previously downloaded from the Internet. If there is a new version, then the launcher will ask for permission to update the mod.

Here you can also fine tune the gamegraphics, choose the quality of shadows, resolution and much more. In the absence of the program, you simply can not run the game. As a rule, the launcher is installed together with Skyrim, the only problem is that the mod switching button will be darkened, but this is being treated, and now we'll look at what needs to be done for this.

Skyrim does not see mods

what is a launcher on the computer

Quite a common problem. As practice shows, with this problem, every 5-th wishing to play in "Skyrim" meets. Since you already know what a game launcher is, let's move straight to the point. There are several ways to solve this problem. First, it's the easiest, is that you need to go to the folder "My Documents", then in Games, Skyrim. Next you can see the file with the resolution ini. You need to open it through a notepad and find the launcher line there, then add the following: bEnableFileSelection = 1.

If this did not help, then there is another waysolving the problem. It consists in the fact that you need to go to the registry ("Start" - "Run"). In the line, enter the value of regedit and look for the Skyrim file, which starts with HKEY_LOCAL. Select the Install path. Often, this is where the problem lies, because the specified path does not correspond to where the game is located, hence, the launcher does not see mods. Change to the correct one and run.

Launcher for Android

Many users of the platform "Android"It interests what this program is for and what its main functions are. We have already figured out what a launcher is, and we know that it is most often used in games. The operating system "Android" has won a large number of fans due to its graphic design, fast action and other important points. Of course, who will use the phone, which does not have the proper visual design. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess what a launcher for "Android" is.

At present, a huge number ofknown developers of applications for Android produce a wide variety of themes. Do not underestimate the capabilities of such programs, because they make the use of the device much more comfortable. The user has the ability to tailor everything to himself, and this is at least comfort and confidence.

Features launcher for the OS "Android"

what is launcher games

As already noted above, at presentthere is simply a huge amount of such software for android-devices. You can add three-dimensional graphics, which will update your phone and make it special, not like everyone else. It is also possible to add various visual effects. Some launchers allow you to create an infinite number of desktops, organize directories in the vertical and horizontal, install and edit icons and much more.

Other launchers have good stabilitywork and high speed. Often, with the installation of such software in the kit is a browser, several useful widgets, a calendar, applications that allow you to view the weather, etc. In fact, a good launcher gives a lot of opportunities to its user. You have to be careful: if the application is too heavy, then there is a possibility that it will work slowly. In addition, there may be a lot of bugs and incompatibilities.

what is a launcher on android

Some useful recommendations

You should understand what a launcher is aboutcomputer and how to use it. There is nothing difficult, but it can come in handy. If you get errors while trying to use the launcher, it is recommended that you try to reinstall it, update or check your Internet connection (for online games). If we talk about the operating system running on the platform "Android", then you need to understand that this is just a shell. In fact, you do not touch anything, but change only visual design. Nevertheless, pay attention to the installed launchers, since they can contain various kinds of viruses that can harm your system. The program may not work because the Internet connection is slow.


So, summing up, it should be said that the launcheris an integral part of programs and games. It is thanks to him that you can run clients, enjoy online games and so on. Also you can personalize your device, which will make it really special. Of course, it is often possible to run applications without the launcher, but there are a few nuances. For example, a new version of the product was released. That is, if you run the game without the launcher, then it will be considered not updated. In some cases this leads to the fact that you can not play until you run the application correctly.

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  • What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept What is the launcher - lets understand the concept