What to give to the class

What to give to the class?

Traditionally on graduation and on last callit is customary to give gifts to the class teacher, teachers, head teachers and the headmaster of the school. However, some parents decide to congratulate with the graduation of the school and the students themselves and give them in memory of school years on a memorable souvenir. As a rule, such matters are dealt with by the parent committee. If you have a mission to choose a gift, we offer you some ideas on what to give to the class on the occasion of the solemn event.

It's hard to pick a gift right away for a bignumber of people with diverse interests. It is impossible to walk and choose each gift individually! Therefore, the gift should be as universal and useful for all.


Of course, someone will say that during the training inschool books children are already bored. And some are still waiting for study in the university. However, no one says that you need to give boring textbooks. You can give an interesting encyclopedia or even order a gift book with photos, various funny stories from the life of the class and the warm farewell of parents and teachers before the beginning of adulthood.

Memorable souvenirs

You can order various souvenirs like mugs, calendars, magnets, etc. with congratulatory inscriptions.

Congratulatory certificates and medals

Make gifts more individual can,ordering for each student a separate certificate or medal for certain merits. It is not necessary to celebrate the academic success of schoolchildren. You can give jokes to the "Biggest Geek of the Class" for someone who always joked in class, "The Greatest Dream of a Class" for someone who was often late for classes, etc.

Photosession with a professional photographer

One thing is the final album. On the day of shooting, everyone comes solemnly dressed and photographed in a formal setting. A completely different atmosphere will be if we invite the guys to hold a photo shoot somewhere in the park or in nature. Children will have a lot of pleasant impressions from the photo session, as well as a lot of interesting photos. It is not necessary for everyone to print only his photos. You can burn and distribute to each festively decorated disk with all the pictures taken.

Money box

At the end of school, the children enter almostfull-grown adult life. Someone, perhaps, immediately after school will leave to study in a university in another city or even a country, someone will go to work. Anyway, after graduation, it's time to start thinking about how to earn a living. Perhaps, for someone, the moneybox received at school will be the first step on the way to the accumulation of primary capital.

World map

The original and useful gift will be a wallWorld map. After graduation, it's time to start learning about the world and traveling. You can donate some unusual card, for example, with a special erasing layer on which students will later mark those countries in which they will visit.

Good office supplies

Buying an expensive schoolchildren schoolchildren is meaningless - they still do not lose anything, they will break. But graduates to give some quality pen with a memorial engraving is quite appropriate.


For the last call to each student, you candonate a bell in a beautiful box. Bell ringing meets us at the school on September 1 of the first class and escorted to the last bell. Such a gift will be very symbolic. You can look for some interesting porcelain, ceramic or wooden bells and again decorate them with a memorial engraving.

Not so important a gift as the very fact of its availability - if the class was friendly and the child has good memories of the school, even a small gift can become for him a kind of talisman.

If you want to congratulate the teacher, then read the article What to give to the teacher.

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