What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors

What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors?

Skinny jeans became popular again. This is a universal thing, because it can support any stylistic attire. Whether it is an ensemble for going to work, to the cinema, to a party or for a walk, the onion will turn out fashionable, fresh and beautiful.

Before we start discussing the issue of what to wear with skinny jeans, let's talk about who they are going to.

what to wear with skinny jeans

Who are skinny jeans

These pants are very tight fit figure. From English "skinnie" is translated as "skin". Can have any fit, the length goes standard and up to the ankle, in color there are no restrictions.

They can not be worn by women who are fat and thin. Because they will make the bunches more bulky, and the second - bony.

Everywhere there should be a measure. Do not immediately get upset and give up these pants. The figure may not be ideal, but if the fat does not pass over the waist in a nonesthetic fold, and the hips are moderately bulky, you can afford them. The main thing is that the jeans are correctly aligned with the rest of the clothes.

How to choose these pants

There are rules that will help you make the right purchase:

  • High girls were lucky, but short stature should choose pants with an overstated landing, so that visually the silhouette seemed more elongated.
  • A non-ideal figure will help to beat skinny black.
  • Slender legs are suitable for absolutely all shades.
  • Rounded silhouette of hips will better disguise trousers with an overstated waist.
  • The understated line of pants will ideally look at girls with a flat tummy.

The main rule is to be critical of your figure's parameters. And do not despair if this model does not fit. It is very easy on the occasion of temptation, to cross the line of bad taste and vulgarity.

Now, knowing the rules of choice, smoothly turn to the discussion of what to wear with skinny jeans.

jeans skinnie women with what to wear photo

What is combined with them

It is very important to find the right tandem of things. Let's consider some examples that allow us to understand what to wear with women's skinny jeans:

  • Slender figure allows the layout with fitted and loose blouses, blouses, t-shirts, T-shirts, shirts, tops.
  • For the office bow, the combination of a skinny with a shirt or blouse in a classic style of a free cut will be perfect. In this case, the waist can be emphasized by a belt.
  • The city ensemble for walking with friends will allow the layout with a knitted sweater.
  • Evening attire can be made by selecting as a top a transparent blouse with a corset, a shortened top or a fashionable shirt.
  • Not bad looking in tandem with a leather jacket, fur vest.
  • They also combine tunics, voluminous sweaters with an interesting print, and short dresses.

As you can see, there are many variations of layout. It is only necessary to adhere to the basic rules. And with what to wear women's jeans skinnie, the photo will show visually.

It is worth noting that the skinnies are a favorite thing not only for women, but for men.

Variants of bows for representatives of the stronger sex

This is truly a bold and brave thing. Therefore, you must follow the layout rules. And with what to wear jeans skinnie, the photo will visually demonstrate.

with what to wear black skinny jeans

Some tips for creating a fashionable male image:

  • The city bow will find a successful combination in a tandem of skinny jeans with a T-shirt, a sweatshirt.
  • Business ensemble can be made in one colorscale of jeans, shirt and jacket. The dark blue or black kit will look extravagant and stylish. It can be diluted with a shirt with a print in peas and a brown jacket.
  • Not bad is a white shirt with a colored jacket. It looks fresh and interesting.
  • The best variant of footwear for these sets will be black or white classic sneakers or slip-ons. And also suitable loffers and shoes.
  • And do not forget about the multi-layer technique, which is very applicable here.

This once again proves that this thing is universal, and therefore enjoys incredible success in the male.

Now there is an idea of ​​what to wear with skinny jeans. We talked about the fact that there are no color restrictions, but there are two most popular ones, black and blue.

What is good is black skinny jeans

This is the basic shade, moreover, it refers to the classics. It is universal, because it has the ability to successfully merge into any stylistic bow.

jeans skinnie feminine with what to wear

Consider the options with which to wear black skinny jeans:

  • The business image will be successfully presented incombination of a white shirt and a pair of shoes in the color of jeans, you can use a bright top, fitted jacket. A black jacket suggests a bright shirt, but such a set is not recommended to wear daily, it is more suitable for Friday or corporate.
  • City Style. One of the options: a set of white T-shirts and black skinny, top - checkered shirt. T-shirt can go with an inscription or a fashionable print. Shoes will fit at low speed, but it is possible and sandals on the heel. It will be a good combination of these pants with a tunic. And it is successfully complemented by a bright scarf, a long necklace with a pendant, a ring with a large stone.
  • To make an evening bow, smartBlouse or short top in combination with sandals with high heels. For a club party, you can compose a blouse with rhinestones or embroidery, with sparkles and high-heeled shoes. Add onion clutch.
  • Romantic style will be read in tandemblack jeans and blouses of light material, decorated with ruffles, ruffles or flounces. In this case, you can use shoes at low speed and a heel. A bright leather jacket is also suitable as a top.

It is seen that black skinnels are truly universal. They make the legs of the wearer more slender, hide the roughness of the figure.

With what to wear ragged skinny jeans

Pants with perforations are already an accent in the ensemble. Therefore, the upper part of the silhouette should be restrained. This is a tight shirt or a shirt of the base color. A knitted sweater or jacket will do, again in calm tones. You can put shoes with decor on your feet, these are rivets, buckles or thongs that are in trend. For summer days, you can choose a bright blouse, but a simple cut.

jeans skinnie with what to wear photo

No less popular is the blue color of skinnels

This is a classic. Blue with a whole palette of shades in the trend.

With what to wear blue skinny jeans? Let's analyze the variants of the sets:

  • City bow. This is a combination of jeans with a single-color sweater, you can use a top, elongated or shortened, but also a calm tone. Shoes can be any: slipknots, ballet flats, low heels. Complement the image of either a backpack or a bag-bag.
  • The business image is successfully supported by a monophonic blouse withblue jacket, you can decorate the bow with a scarf-clamp, a stylish watch and an intricate black bag. Lofers, as well as boots with wide heels, successfully complete the image.
  • Blue skinny jeans look great with white sneakers and a gray sweater.

They also support sports style, enough to wear dark skinnie jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt, can be monophonic or with a print. Add an image with a cap and a small backpack.

with what shoes to wear jeans skinny

To fully explain the question of what to wear with skinny jeans, we'll figure out what kind of shoes best suits these pants.

How to choose the right shoes

Well, when a girl is tall, and if not, then it is necessary to wear shoes only on a large heel. That will allow you to visually add the missing centimeters.

And only the high heel is able to lengthen and make the legs more slender.

Average growth requires the use of boats on the stud. Girls above can afford ankle boots with an open nose and other variations of shoes.

But you need to be spicy, do not overdo it with the volume of shoes. Very massive shoes will look out of place, weighting the image.

So, with what shoes to wear jeans skinny

In principle, any option is suitable, the main thing is that the image as a whole looks harmonious and stylish.

Some more examples:

  • High boots and even ugg boots. In this case, the jeans are tucked inside.
  • Sandals "gladiators" give a perfect combination with these pants.
  • Suitable for any sandals and shoes on both high and low speed.

The main condition is to maintain the lightness of the image. It is necessary to avoid rough men's shoes and too large sneakers.

blue skinnie jeans with what to wear

And finally, let's talk about accessories. This is no less important. Perfectly decorate the image of a knitted or air scarf-yoke, a necklace and long earrings, stylish glasses. They must necessarily be of high quality. And a good addition will be an expensive watch, a bracelet, a belt. Belts can be used in any bright colors. You can not use cheap jewelry, it can ruin the image.

The main thing is not to overdo it, because stylish skinny jeans are already the brightest spot in any ensemble. It is necessary only to correctly form an outfit and pick up accessories.

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  • What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors What to wear with skinny jeans of different colors