What will be the end of the world

What will be the end of the world?

Already, probably, hundreds of times humanity was going throughend of the world. The topic became so popular and in demand among people that it even had to be singled out in a whole scientific theory - eschatology. But this science has not yet been able to find any concrete answer to the questions posed, and the specter of the end of the world continues to wander around the world. Guessing about what will be the end of the world once again, excite the minds of all sorts of fortune-tellers, visionaries and frank charlatans. And science? Science, as it should, proposes and considers the next hypotheses.

The original source of the present end of the world

The original source and engine of the next endlight was the calendar of the Maya tribe, which became famous for its accuracy. So the Indians, a thousand years ago, knew that the earthly year lasted 365.242203 days. This is more accurate than in the modern Gregorian calendar, where the year contains 365.2425 days. The end of the calendar in this calendar falls on December 21, 2012, which served as a solution to the task, in which year the end of the world to declare once again. No other options: the one who was in charge of creating the calendar died, the ink suddenly ran out or just got bored. Immediately, bang - and the end of the world.

Professor Belyaev from the Mesoamerican Center of the Russian State University for the Humanitiesnotes that there is no catastrophe in the calendar and can not be. The calendar can not end at all, because it is cyclical. But certain events will happen. According to NASA scientists, it is on this day that the Earth passes the conventional galactic axis. The fact that such an event occurs for the first time in the history of the existence of mankind, possibly and excites the imagination of many earthlings.

Planet Nibiru

Since 1976, when Zachary Sitchin publishedthe book "The Twelfth Planet", the life theory about aliens from the twelfth planet of the Solar system, which revolves around the Sun with a period of 3.6 thousand years, has gained its life. Nifilim and Anunaki - representatives of a highly developed civilization, inhabiting this planet - systematically visit our Earth and help people develop.

But this time Nibiru will pass too close toour planet that will cause displacement of the earth's axis and lead to natural disasters of a huge scale - earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and other horrors of all mankind. It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised at the date of the beginning of the apocalypse. What is the end of the world - such a number and a general catastrophe. Namely, on December 21, 2012.

The existence of such a planet is questionedastronomers of the whole world. If it really approached the solar system, millions of fans around the world would watch it in their weak telescopes at the beginning of 2012. Hide such a fact from the public would not be able to anyone.

Sunny storm

The Internet is replete with information about upcomingcatastrophes, including video, what will be the end of the world and what is the fate of mankind; among them there is often a solar storm. Quite unpleasant, though not the most terrible scenario of the development of events. As a result of a super-powerful flash, a magnetic storm will occur on the Sun that has not been seen before. First, radio communication, all satellites and other space equipment will disappear. Then power transformers will burn, and electricity will disappear on the whole planet. The collapse of the energy infrastructure will throw civilization back into development 200 years ago. Developed volatile countries will be particularly affected.

A source of such a scenarioserved as a report of NASA in 2008, which hypothetically raised the issue of technological risks in the event of extreme solar activity. But this was by no means a forecast. And according to these documents, power substations located in the immediate vicinity of the magnetic poles can be damaged. A similar case was already recorded in Quebec in 1989.

According to observations of astronomers, the Sun is surprisingly quiet for the last two years. This was already happening at the end of the 18th century, when the luminary was not active for 11 years.

Changing magnetic poles

Forecast for December 2012 shiftmagnetic poles of the Earth, when the southern and northern magnetic poles are reversed (inversion), is terrible by the period of "powerlessness". The change of poles can not happen instantaneously. And for that period of time, when the process of changing the poles will take place, the planet will remain without its magnetic shield. Already, a decrease in the strength of the magnetic field, which may indicate the approach of a catastrophe, has allegedly been observed. Remaining without the magnetosphere, the Earth will become vulnerable to solar and cosmic radiation, which can destroy not only electrical communications, but all life on the planet.

Scientists note that since the lastinversion, the geomagnetic field decreased and increased many times. And such phenomena do not constitute an excuse for panic. The question of the course of geomagnetic inversion has been little studied. There are no grounds to talk about a geomagnetic catastrophe and that there will be an end to the world.

Explosion of the Yellowstone Volcano

The cycle between eruptions of super-volcanoes is74 years old. It ends this year, due to what you can expect a powerful eruption, capable of throwing into the atmosphere such an amount of ash that will lead to the beginning of the volcanic winter and the extinction of all living things.

The most powerful such eruption occurred 74,000 years ago on the island of Sumatra. Then the volcano Toba threw into the atmosphere 2,8 thousand km3Ashes, which could cover the entire South Asia with a thick layer.

The mechanism that triggers super-eruptions is unknown, but such events occur 1.4 times a million years. Therefore, the probability of such an event is low.

We hope this article has satisfied your curiosity about the end of the world.

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