Where is Erebus Volcano located

Where is Erebus Volcano located?

Where is Erebus Volcano located?

  1. Mount Erebus is located north of the island of Ross, in the depths of the Ross Sea, it is one of the most famous volcanoes of Antarctica
  2. Ere # 769, a volcano in Antarctica, the southernmost active volcano on Earth. Height 3794 m, located on Ross Island, where there are 3 other extinct volcanoes.

    The constant activity of the volcano has been observed since 1972 year. The Institute of Mining and Technology from New Mexico organized a volcanic observation station here. In the crater of the volcano there is a unique lava lake.

    Erebus volcano was discovered in 1841 by the polar explorer Sir James Clark Ross (whose ships were named Erebus and Terror, and these ships were also used by Sir John Franklin during his ill-fated Arctic expedition). The volcano was first conquered (to the edge of the crater) by members of the expedition of Sir Ernst Shackleton in 1908.

    The ship and volcano were named after Erebus, the ancient Greek god, son of Chaos.

  3. The vast majority of volcanoes of our planet appear on the border between giant, an area of ​​millions of square kilometers, blocks of the earth's crust - lithospheric plates, forming a complex mosaic. Erebus takes - so at least it seemed - a different situation. In this case, it is characterized by constant activity. Everyone who happened to observe the volcano - James Ross and his companions in 1841, Captain Scott and his comrades sixty years later, members of the Ernest Shackleton expedition, the first to climb Erebus in 1908, and the participants of the second expedition of Scott, climbed it in 1912, finally, the current polar explorers, who viewed the volcano from aircraft and helicopters, all reported either that a flame had flown out of it, or that there was a plume of smoke, or that smoke in the night was painted with crimson gleams.
    There are not a dozen volcanoes around the world that continue to actively operate in the intervals between eruptions. Let us recall in connection with this that Vesuvius owes his fame not so much to the destruction of Pompeii as to the astonishing constancy of his activity, which lasted from the 17th century. by 1944. Its Italian relatives, Etna and Stromboli, have not stopped volcanic activity since ancient times, very likely for tens of millennia. Kilauea in Hawaii has been bubbling since its opening in 1823 for 1924, Nyiraongo in Zaire - from 1928 to 1977, Erta-Ale in Ethiopia is considered operational with 1968, when we recorded this fact, however the process there, apparently, also began thousands of years ago. Similarly, Merapi is behaving in Java .... For a person who collects data on such a largely mysterious phenomenon as volcanism, a permanently functioning crater is the best place to work and potential discoveries. It is easy to understand how interesting for me was Erebus: the volcano was in a little understandable tectonic situation, erupting, as already mentioned, a unique composition of the lava, was in a state of constant activity and also was located in Antarctica!

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