Where to find strength

Where to find strength?

In the life of any person there comes a period,when it seems to him that the burden of the problems piling on him is much greater than the forces that he currently has. How in this situation not to drop your hands? Where can I find the strength to cope with all the problems? The answer is: in itself, in other people, in rest, maybe in religion.

There are many ways to find strength. They are not universal. Some people were helped by some methods, others by others. What methods are suitable for you personally, your inner voice will tell. What you think is closer, then apply.

Imagine that you have already coped with the situation

If you do not have enough money, you lost your job,you have problems in your personal life or with excess weight, imagine yourself in the future, say, in a year. Imagine yourself in a situation where you have already overcome this problem. Experience a sense of pride in yourself. This will fill you with strength to solve a difficult task now. Always remind yourself about the upcoming success and the feelings that you will experience when you decide the question.

Downplay the importance of problems

When you think or talk about problems, instead ofthe words "I can not stand it" or "this is a disaster for me" say "there was a small obstacle in the form of ...", "for this I will need additional strength." Agree, when you express yourself in this way, the problem will seem more shallow and feasible. Remember about some "insoluble" problem five years ago. What do you think of it now? You will think the same about the current "catastrophes" in five years.

Be inspired by the example of other people

Remember your idols or just people livingnext, who know how to deal with their difficulties steadfastly. Have they been given more strength than you? No, they just do not become deformed. And you do the same. And also, take a public commitment to important people for you to solve the problem to such a time. When your hands go down, remember who and what you promised. And new forces will come to you.

Relax and relax

No matter how complex tasks are faced,daily find a minimum of an hour and a half for rest. Understand that in a state of overwork, you still do not decide anything. Disconnect from the problem. Take a walk in the park, read a book, listen to music, chat with friends. In the human body, there are huge reserves for self-healing. Just do not overload it, let it relax for a while, remember the saying "the morning is wiser than evening." After a rest you will feel in yourself new forces.

If you can not find the strength within yourself

When people feel that their own strengthsare insignificant before the problems of the world, many are beginning to seek a greater power than the human. They try to look at the world differently and realize that it is not a "war of all against all." The whole world in their sensations is harmoniously united by one beginning, which gives meaning to everything that happens, maybe, while not accessible for understanding. Simply put, many come to God and religion, and there they draw the missing forces. So some of those who really approached the last line (drug addicts, criminals) do, and who really needs a large number of additional forces to again firmly stand on their feet. They are not aware of God as a punitive force, punishing them for their misdeeds, but as a more powerful mentor of an assistant who gives them tests and, with them, the strength to overcome difficult life situations.

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