Whether it is necessary to load

KB2952664 - What update? Whether it is necessary to load?

For a long time, the operating systems "Windows"offer users to download a file called KB2952664. What kind of update is so strange? To be honest, it's difficult to answer this question. But this is what we have to do today. Do not panic when you see that a strange update has been downloaded to the computer. We will learn how to get rid of it. After all, not all the suggestions of "Windows" are harmless. Let's try to figure out what's the matter.kb2952664 what update


KB2952664 - What is the mystery update? There are several theories that are difficult to confirm. More precisely, there is an assumption-description from Microsoft and the characteristics of the file by users.

Let's start, perhaps, with the official version. The fact is that, according to Microsoft Corporation, the update of Windows KB2952664 is nothing more than a utility that improves compatibility. In addition, it helps simplify the process of updating the operating system to "Windows 8.1". But, according to the latest information, you will be able to reinstall the computer to Windows 10.

This object is distributed asbinding. In addition, the update for Windows 7 KB2952664, according to the description, contains a special table with settings for a variety of applications that use a variety of system resources. Such a vague and incomprehensible interpretation of the "important" object was given by the Microsoft Corporation.update windows kb2952664

User feedback

KB2952664 - What is the update, so mysterious and incomprehensible? Users of operating systems also put forward their own theory, which seems more interesting and logical.

Probably, many remember the story with updates onWindows 7, when the operating system after the initialization of these refused to work. Even licensed copies. Here is KB2952664 - it's something similar. That is not exactly necessary update, which will only harm users who are used to working on "Windows 7".

There is another very interesting opinion on thisscore. If you take a good look, you can see that KB2952664 appears in the operating system upgrade to Windows 10. Many users have already encountered the imposition of this version of "Windows". So, our today's document will have to be deleted. After all, this is the only way to be calm for the safety of the operating system. By the way, if you have Windows 8 installed, then you will have to get rid of the update and our today's document. How exactly? Nothing complicated in this.update for windows 7 kb2952664


So, let's try to figure out how to removeupdate KB2952664 in Windows 7. At the "eight" process is similar. As you might guess, we will first have to disable automatic checking and downloading files in the "Update Center". Only then it will be possible to fully clean up the operating system from a dangerous and incomprehensible document.

Ready? Then go to the "Control Panel". Then go to the "Programs and Features" section, and then select the "View Installed" setting. A few seconds - and before you a complete list of updates that have been downloaded and initialized in the operating system.

Now find there KB2952664 (what's the updatesuch, we have already figured out). You can use the search to facilitate the task. Next, select the appropriate line and click on the "Delete". That's all the problems and solved. All that is left now is to get rid of the image of the annoying icon in the system tray "Upgrade to Windows 10", if any. To do this, select "Settings" in this object and hide GWX.


As you can see, our current document is a kind ofmystery for users. And therefore, following the numerous advice of experienced users, it is better not to install it on the computer. If the KB2952664 update already exists, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

how to remove update kb2952664 in windows 7

The main problem that can arise is an unauthorized upgrade of the operating system to "Windows 10". To be honest, so far, users are not particularly pleased with this phenomenon.

If you do not want to deal with KB2952664 for a long time,you can install a pirated version of "Windows" and generally disable "Update Center". In this case, you can not even think about the ill-fated cryptic file, which causes panic in some users. However, if he somehow gets to you on the computer, be prepared for the fact that the operating system will refuse to work at all. Carefully watch what you download using the Windows Update Center. After all, not all files are harmless and safe.

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