White well (Voronezh) - what is this place

"White well" (Voronezh) - what is this place?

In Russia there are so many different interesting places. There is such near Voronezh. It's about the Cretaceous lake in Semiluki. In the last century, in the 80s, there was a chalk quarry in these places, where chalk was mined for household needs. In 1985, the development of the facility was discontinued. Years passed, and in 2003 the question arose about what to do next. There were two options: recultivate the quarry, investing in it a lot of finance, or equip its territory for sports events. So there was a "White well" - Voronezh received a new sports complex.

What are they doing here?

white well Voronezh

First, it should be noted that a sportsthe complex was at the expense of enterprising people who invested their own money in this business. And now this facility is the only similar complex located on the territory of the Central Black Earth region. In addition, the IC "White Well" (Voronezh) has become almost the main center of Russian motor sport. Every year sportsmen from all over Russia gather here to show their skills at official launches in the following disciplines: rally cross, go-karting, drag racing, drifting (from 2013) and cross. All tracks are built completely in compliance with the requirements of the Russian Federation, including security. They are equipped with safety fences in visual places, special obstacles and bumpers. They host many different competitions, such as the stages of the Russian Rally Cross Championship, the White Well Cup in drag racing, the stage of Total Extreme Fest for drifting, and others.

To ensure that athletes support theira high-level sports form, regular trainings are held here. Even opened a children's school for children from six years old. All events are supported by the local administration and other departments and companies. For all comers, a track-days are arranged, when anyone can feel himself driving a car by a real rider. "White well" (Voronezh) in a short time became a very famous and successful place.

Beauty of the local landscape

a white well in Voronezh

This exploited resource of the Cretaceous quarryIt has a very beautiful view, thanks to the wonderful cliffs and the small lakes located below. Having seen the uniqueness of the landscape of this place, its beauty, unusual landscapes, you will understand that before you is a real paradise for a traveler in love with his land. Rocks have a vanilla-chocolate color, lakes are turquoise. The old quarry is framed by greenery, it simply drowns in it. Nearby - fields that do not have borders, above - clouds, arranging their race against the blue sky. Before us - a fantastic landscape. So the "White Well" in Voronezh can also boast of its beauty.

Fishing on the lakes

After some time after the conversionIt was noticed that local lakes are teeming with fish. Specialists have added it and began to invite all the fishermen here in May 2013, with the opportunity not to leave without good catch and rest. This service is paid, many do not like it, but there are many who want to fish here. For those who, perhaps, will gather here for this purpose, let us know the prices. Zorka costs 400 rubles from each person. Time of fishing: from 6 to 13 hours, from 13 to 20 hours and from 20 to 6 am. Some places are also paid: arbor - 400 rubles, bridge - 200 rubles. If you enter the territory of the sports complex by car, then prepare to pay 200 rubles. The result of your fishing will be a carp weighing from 800 grams to 3 kg.

Sports Complex "White Well", Voronezh: how to get to the object

white well Voronezh how to reach

In view of the fact that the sports complex is located on thedistance of 12 kilometers from the city limits, to reach it preferably on cars. We do this as follows. We leave the city on the Kursk highway A144 and go to the side of the traffic police post. We pass him, then - across the Don river, bypass the turn to the town of Ostrogozhsk and drive another two kilometers. Before reaching the village of Devica, you will see a road sign to the sports complex "White Well". Voronezh has already hosted several sporting events this year. On October 5, the final stage of the Russian Auto Racing Championship will take place. The Champion of the country will be determined, so the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčimpressions of the fight is expected.

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