Why did Vanga become blind

Why did Vanga become blind?

Why did Vanga become blind?

  • I still remember how my mother told me about an unusual woman from Bulgaria named Vanga, who could predict the future.

    Once she was an ordinary little girl, but at the age of 12, Vanga got into a hurricane, she picked up a tornado and lifted it into the air. Only in the evening the relatives found the girl among the wreckage and torn up trees. E eyes were covered with sand and hurt, doctors could not help the victim and she completely blinded.

    But from that time on, Vanga could "see"; something inaccessible to other people. When a sheep was stolen from her father, the girl said that it was necessary to look for a neighbor. The sheep was there.

    Why did Vanga become blind?
  • when she walked through the woods she was caught by a rapist mocking and gouging out her eyes, this is according to the materials of the criminal case, but for business they made a different version

  • The main version, which blinded the famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga, is the sand hit the eyes during a strong hurricane. At that moment, Vanga was still very young, she was only 12 years old. Disturbance of vision (blindness) has since been left forever.

  • As I heard and read it myself:

    When Vangelia was still a very small girl, she fell into a terrible hurricane. The wind lifted her to the altitude, and the sand hit the eyes. Thereby harming the eyes. What is surprising, after this incident, Vanga had a mysterious gift of foresight.

    More information about the life of a clairvoyant can be found in.

    Why did Vanga become blind?
  • I heard two versions. One that her family told: once, being 12 her girl, she was in the woods and she fell under the hurricane, she woke up she was already blind.

    And the second, according to the criminal case, she was attacked by a maniac and gouged out his eyes.

  • Vangela Pandeva Gushterova, who is also a very famous clairvoyant, Vanga lost her sight as a young 12 old girl. It happened in Macedonia, in the village of Novo Selo, at that age she fell under the strongest hurricane, in consequence of which she was thrown so much that they found her only in the evening.

    When Vangu was found her eyes were beaten with sand, so much that soon she practically ceased to see. The father could not pay for the treatment and Vanghelia became blind, having lost the gift of seeing forever, but in replacement she found a new one!

  • I once read a long time ago that Vanga was blinded by the fact that she had sand in her eyes during the hurricane. Since she was lost during it, it was not possible to extract the sand on time and she was blinded. At least this is the information I know.

  • Famous for the whole world great prophetess Vangu know many, but some were fortunate and in fact in life to check her abilities and help, Vanga herself told the cause of blindness: being 12 a summer girl walking around the village with sisters got into a hurricane.

    Why did Vanga become blind?
  • According to available information, when Wang was 12 years old, she once walked with a cousin sisters into a hurricane. A swirling whirlwind, picked it up and threw it away. In the evening we did not find it, but our eyes were filled with sand.

    Why did Vanga become blind?
  • In 1923, the family moved to Novo Selo, to Panda Kostadin's brother. He made a fortune, profitedly married, but did not have happiness: he had no children. When Kostadin realized how much the family's family got into a difficult situation, he decided to call him to him, to watch over the cattle together and that his relatives did not starve in Strumica. The father and his wife agreed.

    A new life began. As the oldest, 12-year-old Vanga had a serious duty: every day to drive a donkey to the corral after the village, and from there to take home two milk cans of milk.

    One summer day, she returned to the village with two cousins, the girls decided to go and get drunk from the spring of Khan's Cheshma.

  • The most common view of Wang, these are the events that were in his youth.

    When she was 12 years old, her acquaintances reported, she fell into a hurricane, after which she woke up already blind, and her eyes were filled with sand.

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