Why does my heart ache

Why does my heart ache?

Stitching pain is not characteristic of the heart andoccurs due to pathologies of the musculoskeletal system or trauma to small nerve endings. Drawing or pressing pain is more dangerous. To understand why colitis in the heart area, you need to perform simple actions:

  • Pay attention to what are specifically associated with pain, maybe they appear with fast walking, physical activity or climbing the stairs to the floor.
  • When again begins to prick the heart, feelthe surface of the chest to determine where exactly the most pronounced discomfort. If you managed to find such a point, then the problem is in this organ, and not in the heart.
  • You also need to do this if the heartbegins to prick at a certain position of the body, or vice versa, stitching pain goes away at a certain position of the body. If the heart is colitis when inhaled, then the problem is not in the heart.
  • Even if you sometimes have colitis under your heart, it's worthto address to the neuropathologist. After a complete survey and examination, the assigned studies, it becomes clear what's wrong. If the neurologist has any doubts, then he will refer you to the cardiologist.

These tips are given, not for the sickpeople engaged in self-medication or self-diagnosis, but in order that you could know which specialist can be contacted. Most often people are frightened and worried about the colitis of the heart, the reasons can be different, and at first glance, completely unrelated to the heart directly. You need to know about this! Causes of stabbing pain in the heart are:

  • diseases of the spine,
  • defeat of the peripheral nervous system,
  • pathologies of the muscles of the shoulder girdle,
  • diseases of intercostal muscles,
  • pathology of the chest,
  • pathology of the abdominal cavity,
  • problems with aorta,
  • neurosis of the heart,
  • injuries of ribs,
  • menopause cardiomyopathy.

All these diseases are not directly related topathology of the heart. Let's specify where the heart is located. Many people believe that the heart is located under the left breast. Attaching a fist to the center of the sternum, when the lower part of the fist touches the abdomen, the location of the fist will show where the heart is located. Therefore, in diseases of the heart, pain occurs in the area of ​​the diaphragm and sternum. To distinguish heart pain from another pain, one must know the characteristics of non-cardiac pain. Not heart pain can be learned by the following characteristics:

  • piercing, stitching pain characterizes vascular pain,
  • the heart of colitis is constant, when angina pectoris does not happen more than 10 minutes,
  • if the heart is colitis with food intake, a deep sigh, emotional stress or physical exertion, angina pain most often occurs,
  • even if the pain is in the area of ​​the left breast or sternum, this does not mean that it hurts the heart,
  • if pain gives to the neck, scapula, left arm, lower jaw - this is caused by the pathology of the coronary vessels.

But stabbing pain can have "heart" reasons:

  • rheumatic heart disease,
  • pericarditis,
  • myocarditis,
  • angina pectoris,
  • myocardial infarction.

When the heart is badly colitis, there may be a reason all the same in the cardiovascular system, and "heart" pains can be distinguished by these signs:

  • pain reacts to the intake of validol or nitroglycerin,
  • with each inhalation and exhalation the pain intensifies,
  • pain changes with a change in body position,
  • pain reacts to the movements of the hands.

Why sometimes does my heart ache? This can be caused by diseases of the peripheral nervous system and spine. Most often, such pain develops with the destruction of the intervertebral cartilage, as a result, the cartilage shifts and begin to irritate the roots of the nerves that are nearby. Such a disease is called radicular syndrome. This disease is characterized by stitching pain during inspiration. It is not uncommon for the heart to "colitis" with osteochondrosis of the spine, such pains are very similar to cardiac pain, sometimes even symptoms of myocardial infarction appear. It is because of this that it is necessary to conduct research in order to find out the true reason why the heart is colitis when inhaled.

What examinations should be done with stitchingpain in the chest? Mandatory study - ECG. The doctor will prescribe the necessary study on the monitor to observe the patient for a whole day and find out what is causing the pain. This research is called holter monitoring. Sometimes such a study as bicycle ergometry is prescribed - the ECG data is read during the load.

All these studies help to establish the causespain and identify pathology. Therefore, to find out why the heart is colitis, consult a cardiologist, this will help to maintain your health. Even if the pain is not cardiac, you still need to see a doctor. Moreover, if the heart is colitis when inhaling or such pain periodically recurs, and often the heart is colitis.

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