Why the Hadron Collider

Why the Hadron Collider?

The definition of a large hadronic collider soundsso: LHC is an accelerator of charged particles, and it was created to disperse heavy ions and protons of lead, and to study those processes that occur during their collision. But why is this necessary? Is this a danger in itself? In this article, we will answer these questions, and try to understand why a large hadron collider is needed.

What is the LHC

The Large Hadron Collider is the largestthe tunnel is annular. It looks like a large tube that accelerates particles. There is a LHC under the territory of Switzerland and France, at a depth of 100 meters. Scientists from all over the world took part in its creation.

The purpose of its construction:

  • Find the Higgs boson. This is the mechanism that empowers particles with mass.
  • The study of quarks is a fundamental particle that forms part of hadrons. Therefore, the name of the collider is "hadron".

Many people think that the LHC is the onlyaccelerator in the world. But this is far from the case. Since the 50-ies of the 20th century, not one dozen similar colliders have been built in the world. But the Large Hadron Collider is considered to be the largest construction, its length is 25.5 km. In addition, it includes another accelerator, smaller in size.

Mass media about the LHC

In the media, since the beginning of the creation of the collider,there was a huge amount of articles about the danger and cost of the accelerator. The bulk of people believe that money is wasted, they can not understand why spend so much money and energy on finding a particle.


  • The Large Hadron Collider is not the most expensive scientific project in history.
  • The main goal of this work is the Higgs boson, forthe discovery of which and the creation of a collision collider. The results of this discovery will bring humanity a lot of revolutionary technologies. After all, the invention of a cell phone was also once met negatively.

Principle of operation of the LHC

Consider how the work of the hadroniccollider. He pushes particle beams at high speeds, and then monitors their subsequent interactions and behavior. As a rule, one beam of particles is first dispersed on the auxiliary ring, and after that it is sent to the main ring.

Inside the collider, the particles retain a lot of strongest magnets. Since the collision of particles occurs in fractions of a second, their movement is fixed by high-precision instruments.

The organization that carries out the work of the collider is CERN. It was she, on July 4, 2012, after huge investments and labor, officially announced that the Higgs boson was still found.

Why BAK is needed

Now it is necessary to understand what the LHC gives to ordinary people, why a hadronic collider is needed.

The discoveries associated with the Higgs boson and the study of quarks can lead in the future to a new wave of scientific and technological progress.

  • Roughly speaking, the mass is the energy in the staterest, and, hence, in the future there is an opportunity to transform a matter into energy. And, consequently, there will be no problems with energy and there will be the possibility of interstellar travel.
  • In the future, the study of quantum gravity will allow us to control gravity.
  • This makes it possible to study in more detail the M-theory, which claims that 11 dimensions are included in the universe. This study will provide a deeper understanding of the structure of the universe.

On the contrived danger of the hadron collider

As a rule, people are afraid of everything new. Hazards are caused by the hadron collider. The danger is conceived and fired in the media by people who do not have a natural-science education.

  • In the LHC, there are hadrons, not bosons, as some journalists write, frightening people.
  • Such devices have been working for many decades and do not harm, but benefit science.
  • The assumption of the collision of protons with high energies, as a result of which black holes can arise, is refuted by the quantum theory of gravitation.
  • In a black hole, only a star can be collapsed 3 times heavier than the sun. Since there are no such masses in the solar system, there is nowhere to arise from a black hole.
  • Because of the depth at which the collider is located underground, its radiation is not dangerous.

We learned what a LHC is and why a hadronic collider is needed and realized that it is not worth worrying about, and it is better to wait for discoveries that promise us great technical progress.

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